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Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (VPWA) is the most successful Ghanaian volunteer organization that recruits its international volunteers directly without a 'non-local' organization playing the typical ‘’middleman’’ role.  Its Green Ghana Volunteer Project is Ghana’s largest practical conservation project by a volunteer organization working to protect the unique Ghanaian environment.

Much of the natural vegetation of Ghana has been destroyed by land clearing for agriculture. The northern two-thirds of the country is covered by savanna-a grassland with scattered trees. Animal life has also been depleted, especially in the south.

Since 1981, the annual rate of deforestation in Ghana has been two percent/year or 750 hectares each year. 
Ghana's Tropical forest area is now just 25 percent of its original size.

This vibrant nation, from above statistics needs our help to ensure it regain its biodiversity and the existing forest  is also protected for generations to come.

As a conservation group, the work  of Green Ghana Volunteers  is supported by many generous individuals, organisations and businesses – we welcome your support too!