Earth Day 2011

Sign up to plant trees to reclaim degraded land in the Greater Accra Region


What would volunteers do?

·        Commit 1 day or more every two weeks from March 5th until April 22nd to volunteer at the Green Ghana seedlings development site.

·     Join other volunteers and local communities to undertake reclamation of degraded land sites in Greater Accra Region through tree planting on 22nd April.


What benefit does it accrue to the volunteer?

·     Opportunity to see the real effects of man made environmental destruction

·     Becoming part of the solution: Opportunity to work along with other volunteers and the community in transforming a degraded area into land that the community members can use to grow crops and make a living.

·     Opportunity to be a member of the Green Ghana Volunteers fellowship program, which includes the presentation of certificates of recognition.



Participation Fee: 50 cedi


The fee goes directly to support the financing of this project. 

Visit us on  or write to

To sign up, or for more information, call Kim on 0278427550, Alan on 054 8897176. You can also call the office lines: 0302 937040, 0302 928245, 0243340112

Green Ghana Volunteers and Earth Day Network will be marking a ‘’Billion Acts of Green’’ on 22nd April 2011. Billion Acts of Green is the theme for Earth Day 2011. The purpose of the theme is to mobilise one billion acts of environmental service around the world. The campaign calls on people of all nationalities to commit to an act that helps reduce carbon emissions and promotes sustainability.