Requirements to Volunteer

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There are no formal skills required! However we request volunteers to meet below minimum requirements

· At least age 18 (no maximum age limit);
· Strong commitment to values and principles of voluntarism;
· Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;
· Ability to adjust in difficult living conditions;
· Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Dress Code for Green Ghana Project

Please note that: the specified dresses are only for work purpose and it is absolutely meant to ensure your safety during hours of work.

This standard dress code policy will apply at all times volunteers and staff except as noted.  We encourage volunteers to comply with this policy

  • Attire must allow for easy, comfortable movement for field activities
  • Shorts must be at least as long as mid-thigh.
  • Pants and shorts must cover underwear and be able to stay up without the use of hands.
  • Shirts must completely cover the torso and be void of unfriendly or inappropriate artwork or words.  No low-cut or see-through shirts allowed. 
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times on the field, on the trails, on field trips
  • The following are prohibited:  paramilitary clothing and articles of clothing or tattoos displaying inappropriate symbols, pictures or language (i.e. promoting drugs, alcohol, disrespectful messages, inappropriate art, etc.)
  • Come to Green Ghana and VPWA Construction sites expecting to get dirty and choose clothing accordingly.

Special requirements for Green Ghana Volunteers

  • Volunteers in this program are expected to adhere to these special requirements for work.
  • Work boots and long pants are required during work projects.  Sturdy, closed-toe shoes are required at all other times. 
  • Sweat pants and running pants are not allowed; canvas or denim is recommended.
  • Clothes must be free of holes larger than an inch in diameter.
  • Volunteers may bring additional clothing in their backpack that may be useful or specially allowed during the course of a work day.  These include a sun hat, sunglasses, long sleeve shirt (preferably with collar), and sweat rag.
  • Hairstyles and jewelry/accessories must be managed in such a way as to not create a safety hazard or interfere with the work, as determined by Green Ghana staff.